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talavera pottery, Mexican glassware, copper sinks, silver jewelry
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Host a Party in your home and earn free gifts!

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We are currently looking for Talaverica Party hosts in the New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania, and the New York Metropolitan area.  If you are interested in earning FREE products as a host in your home, please contact us.

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Our Talaverica Party Hosts earn FREE products in an easy and hassle-free way.  We don’t use any complicated, hard to decipher methods for our reward system.   We want to make the event as easy and hassle-free for you as possible! 

By hosting a Talaverica Party in your home you will earn credit toward products based on the following:

-  $0-$300 in retails sales…............you earn your $25 value gift
-  $300.01-$1000 in retail sales…....you earn 20% of retail sales for FREE productcredit
-  $1000.01-$2000 in retail sales…..you earn 25% of retail sales for FREE product credit
-  $2000.01+ in retail sales…..........you earn 30% of retail sales for FREE product credit

For each dated booking made at the time of the party, you receive $25 in additional FREE product credit!

Example 1:
You sell $850 and a friend books a party…you receive

-$170.00 in credit for product
-PLUS $25 value gift
-PLUS $25 party booking credit!!!

It’s that easy! 
So if you’re interested in hosting a Talaverica Party, and earning Treasures from Colonial Mexico in an easy, hassle-free way, let us know and we’ll set a date!

Talaverica, Treasures from Colonial Mexico

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Talavera Pottery, Mexican Pottery Dinnerware, Fine Mexican Pottery Gifts; Mexican pottery plates, bowls, platters, animals

  • Dolores Hidalgo- Talavera Pottery – Mexican pottery, dinnerware, tableware
  • La Reina - Multi-color Talavera Pottery; Cobalto - Blue and White Talavera Pottery
  • Hand painted Mexican Talavera Pottery plate
  • Dinner Plates, soup bowls, bread plates, salad bowls
  • Serving bowls, round bowls, Square bowls , Square Plates, platters, plates
  • Talavera animals, Talavera frogs, Talavera iguanas, Talavera salamanders
  • Talavera Antigua – “certified” Talavera products, Colonial Mexican Talavera Pottery
  • Talavera Pottery Gifts - cups, pitchers, plates, candle sticks, bowls
  • Talavera Fina - Fine Talavera pottery by Maximo Huerta
  • Hand thrown pottery from artisans in Puebla, Mexico
  • Handmade Mexican Pottery, Traditional Talavera Pottery

Artisan Copper Bowls and Copper Sinks

  • Hand hammered copper bowls
  • Solid copper bowls, oval copper bowls, round copper bowls
  • Handmade, hand hammered Mexican bathroom copper sinks
  • Handmade, hand hammered Mexican kitchen copper sinks, apron copper sinks, 60/40 copper kitchen sinks
  • copper sink fish pattern, copper sink Fleur de Lis pattern, oval copper sinks, round copper sinks

Handmade Mexican Jewelry, Taxco Silver Jewelry

  • Taxco handmade silver jewelry
  • Silver necklaces, silver bracelets, silver earrings, silver jewelry sets
  • Leather and silver jewelry, Angel Ortiz silver jewelry
  • Silver Pendant necklaces, Silver jewelry with semi-precious gems, peridot, amethyst, onyx
  • Pure 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry from Mexico
  • Hand cut , hand polished Mexican silver jewelry

Hand Blown Mexican Glassware

  • Colorful Mexican glassware; orange, turquoise, yellow, green
  • Clear hand blown Mexican bubble glass
  • Quality Mexican handblown glass
  • Beautiful colored Mexican glassware
  • Mexican Party glassware
  • Designer colored glassware, glassware gifts
  • Mexican bubble glass, iridescent bubble glass
  • Martini glasses, Cocktail glasses, wine glasses, stemless wine glasses
  • Mexican lead-free glassware: Barrel glasses, pitchers, margarita glasses, wine goblets
  • Margarita bubble glasses, Wine goblet bubble glasses matching glassware and pitcher sets
  • Hand-blown vases, Hand-blown hurricane lamps, hand-blown tea lights
  • Hand-blown swirl cordial glasses, cognac glasses, snifter
  • Lead free Mexican glassware