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talavera pottery, Mexican glassware, copper sinks, silver jewelry
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Talaverica’s product line is the result of much exploration and travel through the Highlands of Mexico.  We work very hard at providing high quality items that are unusual, while not easily found. 

Our three Talavera Pottery lines are: Talavera Hidalgo, Talavera Antiqua, and Talavera Fina.  Though each is different, all carry the same bloodlines-an artistic blend of native and Spanish styles.
           • Talavera Hidalgo is poured into molds and hand painted.  This ensures a consistently uniform shape,  
             though each piece, since hand painted, will differ slightly from the other. 

           • Both Talavera Antigua and Talavera Fina are created on a potter’s wheel, a six-week long process entailing a double firing. 
             Since the two lines are made solely by hand, there is less uniformity and consistence in appearance. 
             Of course, this is part of the charm and beauty of hand-thrown pottery. 

All of our glassware is 100% recycled from glass bottle, lead-free and dishwasher safe.  Our Tierra color line; Azul, Citrina, Tangelo and Verde, is made entirely for us and we are proud to offer it to you.   Each and every of our glass pieces is hand blown, and therefore each differs slightly from the next. 

Again, this is part of the charm of any handmade work of art.

Our Silver Jewelry is handmade, hand cut and hand polished.  All of our pieces are 925 Sterling Silver.  All are personally handpicked.

Copper has long been used for household purposes and our Artisan Copper follows this tradition.  Hand hammered from recycled copper, our naturally anti-bacterial products will continue to age beautifully with maximum usage and minimal care.

At Talaverica, we stand behind each and every one of our treasures…We offer a “No Questions Asked” 30 Day return…We’re in it for life…And we hope you’ll join us.


Sharon and Tom,

Talaverica…Treasures from Colonial Mexico

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Talavera Pottery, Mexican Pottery Dinnerware, Fine Mexican Pottery Gifts; Mexican pottery plates, bowls, platters, animals

  • Dolores Hidalgo- Talavera Pottery – Mexican pottery, dinnerware, tableware
  • La Reina - Multi-color Talavera Pottery; Cobalto - Blue and White Talavera Pottery
  • Hand painted Mexican Talavera Pottery plate
  • Dinner Plates, soup bowls, bread plates, salad bowls
  • Serving bowls, round bowls, Square bowls , Square Plates, platters, plates
  • Talavera animals, Talavera frogs, Talavera iguanas, Talavera salamanders
  • Talavera Antigua – “certified” Talavera products, Colonial Mexican Talavera Pottery
  • Talavera Pottery Gifts - cups, pitchers, plates, candle sticks, bowls
  • Talavera Fina - Fine Talavera pottery by Maximo Huerta
  • Hand thrown pottery from artisans in Puebla, Mexico
  • Handmade Mexican Pottery, Traditional Talavera Pottery

Artisan Copper Bowls and Copper Sinks

  • Hand hammered copper bowls
  • Solid copper bowls, oval copper bowls, round copper bowls
  • Handmade, hand hammered Mexican bathroom copper sinks
  • Handmade, hand hammered Mexican kitchen copper sinks, apron copper sinks, 60/40 copper kitchen sinks
  • copper sink fish pattern, copper sink Fleur de Lis pattern, oval copper sinks, round copper sinks

Handmade Mexican Jewelry, Taxco Silver Jewelry

  • Taxco handmade silver jewelry
  • Silver necklaces, silver bracelets, silver earrings, silver jewelry sets
  • Leather and silver jewelry, Angel Ortiz silver jewelry
  • Silver Pendant necklaces, Silver jewelry with semi-precious gems, peridot, amethyst, onyx
  • Pure 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry from Mexico
  • Hand cut , hand polished Mexican silver jewelry

Hand Blown Mexican Glassware

  • Colorful Mexican glassware; orange, turquoise, yellow, green
  • Clear hand blown Mexican bubble glass
  • Quality Mexican handblown glass
  • Beautiful colored Mexican glassware
  • Mexican Party glassware
  • Designer colored glassware, glassware gifts
  • Mexican bubble glass, iridescent bubble glass
  • Martini glasses, Cocktail glasses, wine glasses, stemless wine glasses
  • Mexican lead-free glassware: Barrel glasses, pitchers, margarita glasses, wine goblets
  • Margarita bubble glasses, Wine goblet bubble glasses matching glassware and pitcher sets
  • Hand-blown vases, Hand-blown hurricane lamps, hand-blown tea lights
  • Hand-blown swirl cordial glasses, cognac glasses, snifter
  • Lead free Mexican glassware